Webinar Basics of Tightening Technology - Register Now!

Webinar Basics of Tightening Technology - Register Now!

Tightening technology is a complex topic. With our webinar we would like to bring you closer to the topic of tightening technology. For this purpose, we offer you the following:


Basics of Tightening Technology


  • Forces in the tightening connection
  • Influences on the bolted joint
    • Friction and Settlement
  • Tightening Strategies
    • Torque & Angle
    • Seating Detection



Referee:                        Sebastian Körner – Training and Process Specialist Tightening Technology / DSV Tightening Technician

Location:                       virtual

Duration:                       approx. 60 minutes

Event dates:                   2nd of December 2021   09:00 - 10:00 am


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